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Mindful Exercise

Mindful Exercise Exercise can be an excellent form of self-care.  Taking a walk, going for a run, HIIT, or yoga, all have very real benefits for our mental health.  All of these activities can help you manage stress.  Here are just a few of the ways that exercise benefits our mind-body wellness: Exercise increases norepinephrine which can help to combat...[ read more ]

Balanced Breathing

Balanced Breathing We breathe automatically, non-stop every day.  Because breathing is an automatic function, it can be easy to ignore how we are breathing.  Physiologically, when we have a stress response, our breath typically will increase and become more shallow.  Through a simple mindful breathing exercise, we will learn to do the exact opposite and help remind our bodies and...[ read more ]

The Stress Response Stress, anxiety, anger, fear; when these emotions are intense or become chronic, our physical and mental wellness suffers.  In times of stress, we simply don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to practice self-care.  This can create a cycle of dysfunction that can be difficult to break. Stress, by definition, “is a biological and psychological response experienced...[ read more ]

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Self-Care versus Selfish Self-care is one of the most vital pieces of mind-body wellness. Try as we might, we simply cannot pour from an empty cup.  We cannot fulfill our potential and give our best emotionally, physically, and spiritually, whether it is in the home, the workplace, or in school, if we do not replenish ourselves. Yet many are confused,...[ read more ]

Empowering Your Children to Express Themselves

Empowering Your Children to Express Themselves   As I write this I am laying next to my sleeping 14 month old son.  Right now, he is adorable, angelic, and oh-so-quiet.  Let me explain that he is 14 months going on 5.  He is spirited, stubborn (he couldn't have gotten that from me), and intelligent. Lately, I have noticed that there...[ read more ]

Yoga and Your Mental Health – 3 Ways Yoga Benefits your Mental Health

Yoga and Your Mental Health - One of the most beautiful things about your yoga practice is that it is as unique as you are.  Anatomy, trauma history, family culture, cognitions, stressors, etc.  No one has exactly the same needs, physical, spiritually, or psychologically.  When we try to apply therapeutic interventions, such as yoga practice, as if it can be...[ read more ]

Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness

Gentle Yoga at New Leaf Therapy Associates - Tuesdays from 2-3PM Informed  by the Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Model Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation - All levels are welcome!    

Mindful Eating – How Eating Like a Toddler Can be Good for You

Mindful Eating We can earn so much from children.  For example, when I watch my son eating, sometimes I am so curious about what he is experiencing.  This morning, he was chowing down on some scrambled eggs with cheese and strawberries.  He would very delicately select a piece of food, examine it, sometimes squish it in his tiny adorable fist...[ read more ]

The Anger Iceberg – The Gottman Institute

The Anger Iceberg Often when we are angry, there are other emotions hidden below the surface. Displaying Anger can make us feel less threatened or vulnerable.  Like a cat puffing itself up to make itself look bigger, when it is actually afraid. Click here to view this fantastic article by The Gottman Institute. This post links to an article on...[ read more ]

Take 5 – Simple and Easy Mindfulness and Relaxation Activity

Take 5 - Simple and Easy Mindfulness and Relaxation Activity This mindfulness and relaxation activity is perfect for adults and children.  All you need are your hands and a bit of practice. It is a structured method to introduce deep breathing and mindfulness to physical sensation into your routine. View this video to learn more about and to practice this...[ read more ]

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